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Dear patient!

Make Veronika’s dream of a wheelchair-adapted car come true!

This year, Kliinik 32 celebrated its 10th year of operations. On this occasion, we want to help make the dream of a wheelchair-adapted car for our colleague Svetlana, her family, and their daughter Veronika, a reality. Little Veronika had a birth trauma and has been developing slower that her peers. A wheelchair-accessible car would help her family become more mobile.

We are extremely grateful to our team, friends and other generous people who have helped to collect more than 20,000 euros for Veronika and her family. We are halfway there, and all donations are very much appreciated. You, too, can help, by donating to the account for donations EE802200221067362007, set up for Veronika Vader.

Read more about Veronika and her story here and on Facebook.

Dental Health Month has ended

November’s ninth annual Dental Health Month this year focused on the little-known yet dangerous problem of mouth breathing. Did you know that breathing through the mouth most of the time can cause crooked teeth and facial deformities, and can eventually lead to serious health problems?

During Dental Health month, a number of specialists who see such patients in their daily practice talked about the mouth breathing problem, its symptoms and treatment. Orthodontist Dr Katri Herman, aesthetic dental treatment professional Dr Martin Martma from Kliinik 32, otolaryngologist Dr Heisl Vaher and myofunctional therapist Andres Köster from Hea Une Keskus shared their expertise and knowledge about the condition.

See more at website.

Fourth Conference 32 took place at the beginning of December

4th annual Nordic Interdisciplinary Dentistry Conference was held in Tallinn on December 1 and 2. This year’s conference was dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Kliinik 32.

The speakers included implantology and aesthetic dental treatment professionals Dr Jaime Jimenez, Dr Algirdas Puisys and Dr Florin Cofar.

See more at www.32.ee.

New homepage of Kliinik 32

We are glad to present the new updated homepage of Kliinik 32 www.kliinik32.ee, which will assist in the planning of treatment and booking an appointment. On the homepage, You can answer simple questions that will provide information for the receptionist and help to find the best solution for Your treatment. We have also updated both the visual and informative content of the page to provide You with needed information even more conveniently via desktop and mobile devices.

You can contact us also via phone +372 6 32 32 32, email info@kliinik32.ee or Skype account kliinik32.

Our opening hours will change during the holiday season.

27-29 December – 8:00–16:00
The clinic will be closed from 24 to 26 December and on 1 January.

Visit our Facebook page to read news and get information about dental health and our clinic.
We wish you a wonderful winter holiday!
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